KAZ Sushi Bistro

Authentic Japanese experience since 1999




2016 Valentine’s Day Menu

$70 per person

(We are offering only Valentine's menu on 2/14)


First Course

Pork Belly and Winter Vegetable Miso Soup /Grilled Avocado with Wasabi Mayo

 / Warm Cauliflower and Kale Salad


Second Course

Tuna Tartare with Quail Egg / Royal Sea bass Napoleon


Third Course

Asian Tender Short Ribs / Salmon Tempura Roll

/ Grilled Golden Pompano


Fourth Course

Sushi Omakase (Chef’s selections, 6 kinds of nigiri and 1 roll)


Your Choices of 3 orders of nigiri (2 pieces per order) and 1 roll



Japanese Sweet Scallop

w/green apple +$3

Japanese Snapper w/spicy yuzu

Tuna w/roasted almond

Tuna w/kalamata olive

Tuna w/truffle

 Yellowtail w/jalapeno-lime

Yellowtail Belly

Blue Fin Toro +$8

House Cured Salmon Roe +$2

Sea Urchin +$3

Eel +$2

Walu (White Toro) +$2

Foie Gras +$3

Lobster w/wasabi-mayo +$3

Smoked Ankimo

Salmon w/mango puree

Salmon w/wasabi-sake pesto

Seared Salmon Belly

Flounder w/konbu seaweed

Flounder w/spicy shrimp

Sweet Shrimp w/yuzu tapioca

Sea Scallop w/lemon-cilantro

Seared Sea Scallop


California roll

Spicy California roll

D.C. roll (eel, avocado, egg, cucumber) +$2

Tuna w/avocado roll

Tuna w/cucumber roll

Tuna w/jalapeno roll

Spicy Tuna roll

Eel w/cucumber roll +$2

Eel w/pickled red jalapeno, basil roll+$2

Crunchy Shrimp roll

Pickled Mackerel w/ginger-shiso roll

Salmon w/pickled pineapple, basil roll

Salmon w/avocado roll

Salmon w/cucumber roll

Salmon w/jalapeno roll

Spicy Salmon roll

Spicy Scallop roll

Yellowtail w/scallion roll

Walu w/cilantro roll
Mexican roll (avocado, jalapeno, cilantro)
Asparagus & Bell Pepper roll

Sun-dried Tomato-Portobello Mushroom roll



Mango Panna Cotta / Molten Chocolate Cake / Kahlua Crème Brule

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