KAZ Sushi Bistro

Authentic Japanese experience since 1999




Daily Vegetable Miso Soup   5.5
Baby Asari Clam Miso Soup   7.5
Flounder-Wakame Seaweed Soup  7.5

Salads & Vegetable

Calamari Salad with pineapple dressing   9.
Crispy Brussels Sprouts with ginger dressing   8.
Edamame   (regular or spicy)   4.5
Tofu Dengaku (grilled tofu with sweet miso sauce)   6.5
Warm Mushroom and Spinach Salad  9.
Green Salad with sesame dressing  5.5

Yakinasu Salad (Japanese Eggplant) with creamy miso dressing   7.
Soba Noodle Salad with spicy peanut-soy dressing    7.
Hijiki & Jicama Salad with ginger dressing   7.
Seaweed Salad with sesame dressing   7.
Warm Cauliflower and Kale Salad with ginger-wasabi carrot sauce   7. 5
Calamari Salad with pineapple dressing   9.

Cold Small Plates

Flounder Carpaccio with spicy shrimp paste      14.5
House Smoked Norwegian Fatty Mackerel w/ cucumber, wakame seaweed, smoky Vinaigrette    12.5
Sea Scallops Ceviche     14.
Icelandic Arctic Char with fennel yuzu salad   14.5
Bird’s Nest (thinly sliced baby calamari) with uni, quail egg, truffle-soy sauce      17.5
Uni (sea urchin) Shooter w/quail egg    10.


Spicy Broiled NZ Green Mussels   9.5
Salmon Tempura Roll w/basil and sesame sauce    10.
Soy Braised Japanese Tai Snapper Head     15.
Pork Belly lettuce wrap w/sesame- hoisin sauce   12.
Grilled Avocado w/lobster, wasabi – mayo sauce   10.5
Grilled Baby Octopus    10.5
Soy Braised Chilean Sea Bass   14.5
Clam Tempura with green tea salt     9.5
Grilled Fava Beans (Soramame) with lime salt   7.5
Jumbo Soft Shell Crab with ponzu sauce 23.5     Half order  13.
Tebasaki (Nagoya Style Chicken Wings)   8.5

Hot Small Plates

Local Pufferfish with Baby Bok Choy    14.5
Okonomi yaki (rich savory cabbage pancake in an egg and flour batter with salmon or pork belly, red ginger, smoky dried bonito flakes, Japanese mayonnaise,  special sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. It's a very popular dish in Japan and totally unique flavor combination)   11.5
Crispy Miso Kushi-Katsu (Panko crusted pork and onion skewers with sweet red miso sauce and Japanese mustard.  Very popular street food from Nagoya)  8.
Hanger Steak w/garlic-miso sauce   13.
Asian Style Tender Short Ribs   13.
Grilled Golden Pompano w/ Umami- Salt   13.


Japanepse Sweet Sea Scallop w/apple-lemon sauce  9.
Sweet Botan Shrimp with yuzu-tapioca   8.

Walu Jalapeno Roll 8.
Crunchy Toro (w/Japanese pickles) roll    9. 
Jumbo Soft Shell Crab Roll w/jalapeno-ponzu sauce   13.
Nama Ikura (House cured fresh King salmon roe)   9.

Sushi Specials

Tuna w/ wasabi- miso 7.
Wild Alaskan King Salmon w/tofu basil sauce   8.5
Bluefin Chu-Toro 14.
Bluefin Toro (OH-TORO)    16.
Japanese Tai Snapper w/spicy yuzu    7.
Hawaiian Kanpachi Yellowtail     9.
Icelandic Arctic Char w/lemon zest  7.


Lobster w/wasabi-mayo   10.
Blue Crab w/celery, red pepper, old bay   7.75
Foie Gras w/plum wine gelée  10.
Smoked Mackerel w/herb miso   5.5
Hawaiian Walu (white toro) w/wasabi leaf   9.
Flounder w/shiso, sweet konbu   6.5
Flounder w/ume, shiso   6.5
Sake Poached Sea Scallop w/lemon-cilantro   6.5
Seared Sea Scallop w/lemon, sea salt   6.75
Lobster w/wasabi-mayo   10.
Blue Crab w/celery, red pepper, old bay   7.75
Foie Gras w/plum wine gelée  10.
Smoked Mackerel w/herb miso   5.5

  KAZ Signature Nigiri (2 pieces per order)

Salmon w/mango puree   6.
w/crème fraîche & salmon caviar   7.5
Seared Salmon Belly w/soy-lemon sauce    7.5
Tuna w/roasted almond   7.
Tuna w/Kalamata olive    7.
Tuna w/Italian black truffle   8.
Tuna w/foie gras   8.5
Seared Albacore Tuna w/chili-daikon   6.5
Hawaiian Walu (white toro) w/wasabi leaf   9.
Flounder w/shiso, sweet konbu   6.5
Flounder w/ume, shiso   6.5
Sake Poached Sea Scallop w/lemon-cilantro   6.5
Seared Sea Scallop w/lemon, sea salt   6.75

Standard Nigiri or Sashimi (2 pieces per order)

Sweet Shrimp  amaebi   7.5
Surf Clam  hokki gai   4.5
Sea Urchin  uni   10.
Salmon Caviar  ikura  8.5
Smelt Roe  masago   4.5  
                  w/quail eggs   5.5

Octopus  tako   7.5
Squid  ika   5.
Mackerel  saba   4.5

Salmon  sake   5.5
Tuna  maguro   6.5
Toro   m.p.
Hawaiian Walu   8.5
Yellowtail   hamachi   7.
Yellowtail Belly   8.5
Flounder  hirame   6.
Eel  unagi   8.5
Sea Scallop  hotate    6.
Shrimp   ebi   4.5


Spicy Tuna Roll   9.
Tuna Tartare Roll   9.
Crunchy Shrimp Roll   6.
Spicy Scallop Roll   6.25
Yellowtail Roll w/scallion   7.5
Eel Roll w/cucumber   9.
Eel Roll w/avocado   9.
Eel Roll w/pickled red jalapeno, basil   9.
Crunchy Eel Roll w/pickled Japanese radish   9.
Toro Roll w/scallion   9.5
Toro Roll w/avocado   10.
Saba-Gari Roll (mackerel w/shiso, pickled ginger)   6.
Shrimp Tempura Roll w/spicy tomato sauce   12.

Rolls (6 pieces Maki or Temaki hand roll)

California Roll   6.5
Spicy California Roll   6.75
DC Roll (eel, avocado, egg, cucumber)   10.
Salmon Roll w/cucumber   6.5
Salmon Roll w/avocado   6.5
Salmon Roll w/jalapeno   6.5
Spicy Salmon Roll w/jalapeno, spicy sesame seeds  6.75
Crunchy Salmon Roll w/shiso, yama gobo   6.75
Grilled Salmon Skin Roll   6.
Salmon Roll w/pickled pineapple, basil   6.75
Tuna Roll w/cucumber   9.
Tuna Roll w/avocado   9.
Tuna Roll w/jalapeno   9.

                          Please add $2 for inside out rolls other than California, DC or Shrimp Tempura Roll.

Avocado Roll   4.5
Asparagus & Red Bell Pepper Roll   4.75
Sun dried Tomato & Portobello Mushroom Roll   4.75
Ume Shiso Cucumber Roll (pickled Japanese plum)   4.75
Oshinko Roll (pickled Japanese radish)   4.75
Mexican Roll (avocado, cilantro, jalapeno)   4.75

Vegetarian Nigiri (2 pieces) and Rolls        

Sweet Sushi Omelet  tamago   4.5
Sweet Tofu Pocket  inari   4.5
Shitake Mushroom   4.5
Portobello Mushroom   4.5
Japanese Eggplant   4.5
Cucumber Roll   4.5

“Omakase” at KAZ Sushi Bistro

 In Japan, “omakase” means you entrust the chef with your dining experience. For Japanese food lovers at KAZ Sushi Bistro, ordering omakase allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the chef’s most innovative dishes created with the highest quality ingredients he can find.  For the ultimate gastronomical experience, “leave it to the chef” and indulge in one of Chef Kaz’s omakase options described below.

 KAZ Tasting Menu

Our chefs will design an extraordinary eight course menu featuring our most creative and unique dishes developed from the freshest (and most exciting) ingredients in our kitchen today.  You will receive six original small dishes, a sushi course, and dessert.                                 85. or 120.   Reservations recommended.

 KAZ Sushi Omakase

Our sushi chefs will carefully choose the premium cuts of the best fish and seafood available in the region.  You will be served a few pieces at a time that will delight your taste buds and demonstrate the skills of our master sushi chefs.  You give the word when your meal should end.  This dining experience is available only at the sushi bar.            A la carte pricing.   Reservations recommended.               

Sushi and Sashimi Tasting Plates and Bento Boxes

KAZ Sushi Tasting 005  (tuna, salmon, whitefish, shrimp, surf clam, scallop, California Roll)      22.5
KAZ Sushi Tasting 007 (tuna, salmon, whitefish, eel, yellowtail, scallop, surf clam, salmon roe, sea urchin)    30.
KAZ Sushi Tasting 0011 
Let chef to choose the best selections of the day,                                                                                                                                        10 pieces minimum, 2 pieces each,  - A la carte price   
Yasai Zushi (Cucumber and avocado roll, asparagus and roasted red bell pepper roll, inari, Hijiki, Japanese eggplant and grilled portobello mushroom, 4 pieces nigiri & 2 maki)       18.   

KAZ Sushi Bistro    1915 I (eye) Street, NW   Washington, DC 20006   202. 530. 5500